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There are a lot of reasons why you need to hire a party stylist and the reasons vary for each client. Some clients want a grand party but they don’t want to deal with the details involved with making that happen. Some clients simply don’t have the time. Others, say that they don’t have a creative bone in their body and the mere thought overwhelms them. We will be blunt, most people, who aren’t experts in styling parties, can’t do what we do. We are experts in styling hence why our clients hire us.    

 A party stylist takes your party theme and develops and executes a décor plan to fit that theme. Stylists handle all details related to the “look” of the party. A planner handles the logistics for the party such as finding the venue, hiring the DJ and the caterer, etc. The stylist makes the party “look” good, the planner makes the party “run” smoothly. 

We understand that our pricing can be a sticker shock. Let us explain….

When we style parties, our main goal is to bring your theme to fruition in the most WOW’able way. Our styled parties include a lot of details and customization and do NOT look like an average styled party. We leave no aspect of the party design untouched. Almost every décor element is custom made, which means that it was created by hand by a vendor that specializes in that particular area.

When we style parties, we do NOT use anything less than décor that provides an over the top experience for our clients and their guests. For example, our ‘Rawr for Love’ dinosaur themed bridal shower…..each guest’s chair had a dino tail attached to it. Each tail was hand sewn by a seamstress that specializes in costumes. On top of all of this, our clients don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to décor and desserts if they choose to allow us to handle their dessert selections.

For each party that we style, we hire a team of vendors that specialize in specific areas such as balloon artists, graphic designers, seamstresses, etc. With their fees, our fees, the cost of supplies, etc….it adds up.  However, with this being said, we haven’t had a client to date that doesn’t feel like the value they received far exceeded the price they paid.

We always encourage our clients to begin this process as early as possible. This means we can get the best rate from our vendors (shorter notice can result in rush order fees) and it allows our clients to be able to pay their deposit and then their final balance is due 4 weeks before the date of their party. Any parties booked less than 4 weeks require full payment at the time of booking. 

We offer planning services for our corporate clients only. 

Of course! We work with a select few of fabulous dessert vendors that specialize in delicious custom desserts.

We are a luxury styling company. This means that our parties aren’t your average styled parties. Our clients want something more and they do NOT want their party to look like everyone else’s.  They want a fabulous and over the top party and find value in hiring experts, such as us, to make that happen. They want a party that will leave their guests speechless and will be the talk of the town. With this being said, our clients understand that to achieve an over the top party costs and they have the budget and appreciation for working with a party styling company such as, A Glam Good Time.

Great question! Custom props are props that are custom made for our client’s themed party. This carriage table was custom made for our Princess themed party. Custom props are made by skilled fabricators hence why they tend to be costly.