Our Story

I am Andrea Zaidi, daughter of Pete and Patty Pierleonardi, sister of Zach Pierleonardi, and our family owns Firefly Cellars. The Pierleonardi family is, and always has been, all about experiences. We have been creating unique and memorable experiences for people for years, in our personal lives and our professional lives alike. We are no strangers to small business or family business, as we have also owned PMSI for the last 30+ years. For as long as I can remember, Pest Management Services, Inc has been what I’ve known, and I grew up seeing how a business is run, but more importantly, what makes a family run business so incredibly special. Creating an EXPERIENCE for others is our passion, and that is where Firefly Cellars came into play. We knew that we wanted our family legacy to extend beyond PMSI, and we knew that our love of unique experiences was something we wanted to expand on in our professional lives.

After my three daughters were born, my parents’ desire to provide more of a legacy for us became even stronger, especially a legacy that Zach and I would be truly passionate about. We wanted to create a space where we could combine our mom’s business savviness and knack for marketing, our dad’s attention to detail and love for his family, Zach’s love of being face to face with people and his incredible humor and personality, and my love for good wine, hospitality, and event planning….and Firefly Cellars has become that space for us. Just as we are “not your average” pest control company, Firefly Cellars is not your average tasting room.